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Privacy Policy  & Terms of Use

Welcome to, a website that is owned and operated by Scott Law. Scott Law is a Houston-based law practice that is owned and operated by attorney Leroy B Scott. Scott Law provides website features, information, and services to you subject to the following conditions.

Privacy Policy.

How we use information you provide:

The information you provide to us is subject to Rule 1.05 “Confidentiality of Information” of the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct. Except as otherwise permitted, we will not knowingly reveal to any third party any information you provide to us. We may use the information to contact and communicate with you.


Information Collected by Other Entities:

We rely on other entities to develop, host, maintain, monitor, and add functionality to this website. We are unaware of all the entities that are involved or all the information they collect and use; however, a partial list of the entities and their privacy policies is included below. Click on the names of the entity to view its privacy policy.

Terms of Use.

The contents provided on this site are purely for informational purposes. As laws change, information on this website may become inaccurate. Some areas of the website, such as the “Law Blog,” contain the personal opinions of the author. As such, these statements do not constitute legal advice. Other areas of the website, such as any feedback or comments section, contain statements provided by third parties not under the control of scott Esq or its employees. As such, we make no representation about the accuracy of any such statements, and you should not make decisions about your own case based on the information you read on this site. Except as otherwise stated, your use of this site does not create an attorney client relationship with us, and information you read herein does not constitute legal advice. If you would like us to represent you, you may submit a contract from the website. If your contract is accepted, an attorney-client relationship will be created. Even after you become a client, however, you may not rely on the information on this website as legal advice.

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