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Even an automobile accident that seems minor can cause significant injuries, pain and suffering, and expensive medical bills. Many accident victims do not feel any pain until a few days after the accident. When the pain starts, many people incorrectly believe it will go away shortly and so they do not seek treatment, but the pain can continue for months or even years. It is therefore very important that you seek the help of a licensed medical provider to properly evaluate your injuries and provide treatment is needed. You should also contact us so we can be your Dallas car wreck lawyer and assist you with your claim against the insurance company.


Call, text, or email us to discuss your claim.



Harassing/Threatening Debt Collection Calls

If you cannot harass and threaten companies (because they will report you to the cops), why should they be allowed to harass and threaten you because you owe a debt? Consumers who are constantly harassed and threatened by debt collectors may not know that they have rights, both under federal and state law. Even if you do owe money, a debt collector can only attempt to collect in ways permitted by law. Call, text, or email us to discuss your claim.



Harassing Telemarketing Calls

Sometimes sales calls can be helpful if you are interested in the products offered. But what if you are not interested? Well, you have the option of asking the company to stop calling you. Once you do that, they need to stop calling for several years. But what if they ignore your request and keep calling you anyway? Or stop calling and start calling again in 2 months? You may have rights under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act or state law. Call, text, or email us to discuss your claim.


Deceptive Sales Practices

As a consumer, you have a duty to be careful about what you buy, especially when you see "as is" or "no refunds" notices. But what if being careful is not enough? The law recognizes that even when a buyers are careful, do their research, and ask the right questions, they may still be subject to the deception of merchants. Therefore, if a seller lies about something important, falsely tells a customer that some repair was done, misrepresent the quality or type of products or parts, falsely tells customers that they have rights that they do not have, etc. then the buyer may have rights under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act.  Call, text, or email us to discuss your claim.



Most of us do not know how to make cars, trucks, bicycles, toys, garage doors, electronics, or pills ourselves, so we so we buy those products from other people and companies who know what they are doing. We trust them. We expect their products to be safe and perform as intended. But what if you are injured because the product was not safe or did not perform as intended?


The law may allow you to sue not only the manufacturer, but also the company that sold you the defective product. As you may expect, the manufacturer and seller will have lawyers and insurance companies trying to show that you were at fault or trying to pay you a very small amount to make you go away. You will need your own expert engineers and accident reconstruction experts to help you with your claim. Going after a product manufacture or seller for compensation for damages caused by their faulty products is not a task for the faint-hearted.


If you are injured by a product, let me be your Dallas personal injury lawyer. Call, text, or email us and let us help you get the compensation you deserve.



Do you have a small dispute with a large company? Do you feel like you don't have a voice because your  claim is too small and you cannot afford a lawyer? There are several laws designed to protect people in your situation. Depending on your situation, we might be able to assist you with little or no money upfront. Please call, text or email us and tell us about your small claim. We may be able to serve as your small claim lawyer.

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