Was your insurance claim denied? Get a free second opinion from an experienced legal professional.

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dallas car wreck lawyer - different situations

Every situation is different.

Have you been injured by another person's negligence? Has your insurance claim been denied?

Have you been hurt by a product?

Did a company lie to you and sell you something you did not want?

Call us and tell us your story. Even if you think your claim is too small for anyone else to care about, we just might be able to help.

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Whether you want to settle your case quickly or have your day in court, we will work with you to achieve your goals. Of course, we cannot guarantee a particular result, but we can promise to pursue your claims vigorously. 



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Need help pursuing a claim or simply wondering if you have a claim?


Go ahead. Call us or email us. We won't charge.


Let us discuss your situation and potential claims, and if we are the firm for you, we may accept your case on a contingency fee basis*. This means we will pay your case expenses up-front and you will not pay us anything unless we get you money.


*Depending on your specific type of claim and the facts of your case, we may only accept your case if you agree to pay a retainer to cover cost.