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Injured in an accident?

We'll treat you right and deliver results.

- Texas Law Doctor -

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Dr. Leroy B. Scott, esq.

dallas car wreck lawyer - different situations

Every situation is different.

Have you been injured by another person's negligence? Has your insurance claim been denied?

Have you been hurt by a product?

dallas car wreck lawyer - solution

Whether you want to settle your case quickly or have your day in court, we will work with you to achieve your goals. Of course, we cannot guarantee a particular result, but we can promise to pursue your claims vigorously. 



dallas car wreck lawyer - contact us

Need help pursuing a claim or simply wondering if you have a claim?


Go ahead. Call us or email us. We won't charge.


Let us discuss your situation and potential claims, and if we are the firm for you, we may accept your case on a contingency fee basis*. This means we will pay your case expenses up-front and you will not pay us anything unless we get you money.


*Depending on your specific type of claim and the facts of your case, we may only accept your case if you agree to pay a retainer to cover cost.

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