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We Love Insurance Companies

January 16, 2019

As a lawyer who has no qualms about suing insurance companies to get them to pay, I really do believe that insurance companies get a lot of hate and hostility. They're like that horrible lover that you cannot seem to bring yourself to leave. No matter how badly you claim they treat you, you keep coming back. We complain about them, but as soon as something bad happens there we go running to them. We're not required to have an insurance policy; there is always the option to self-insure and pay your own money something goes wrong.

The thing is, because of all the bad press that insurance companies face, a lot of people do believe that insurance companies are piggie banks to be raided and used. And what's wrong with a little insurance fraud to the insurance companies if they have the money to pay? First of all, it's a crime. Second, we will drop your case if we sense that you are trying to use us to commit fraud.

In short, I completely understand why insurance companies would be stingy with their money. If they go around giving everyone maximum dollar, they would very unprofitable businesses.

We actually don't hate insurance companies. We actually admire their business model. Too bad it's not compatible with ours! We just want them pay you (and us) and we won't let them bully us.

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