Credit Repair

I am often contacted by clients who have a difficult time moving forward in life due to derogatory items on their credit reports. They are denied housing, mortgage loans, auto loans, and student loans because of these negative and often inaccurate items on their credit reports. Even if you are not denied credit due to your credit score, having bad credit is very expensive. How expensive? Very! Just look at the chart below.

Many clients simply do not have the time, money, or expertise to fight the creditors and credit reporting agencies to remove inaccurate and harmful credit entries. To address these clients' requests, I have created a new streamlined service to help clients repair their credit histories and improve their credit scores. For a flat fee of $135 per month, we will work with your creditors and the credit reporting agencies to correct your credit report and improve your credit score. Many clients see a big improvement in their scores within a fee weeks. However, depending on your situation, it might take longer for you to reach your goals. 


Why is our fee so low?

When you sign up with us, you will have an attorney working directly on your file for just $135 per month, not per hour! How can we do this? In addition to working on improving your credit history and score, will also evaluate your individual situation to determine whether your state and federal rights have been violated. If so, we will pursue all legal remedies to which you are entitled, including monetary compensation for all the harm that having the negative items on your credit caused you. Although we have successfully resolved debt collection cases for 5 and 6 figures (before attorney fees), many debt collection and credit report cases are worth 3 or 4 figures; it all depends on the situation.

In other words, many of our clients actually get money when their rights are violated by debt collectors. Instead of charging you by the hour for this service, we simply retain a percentage of any amount that we recover on your behalf.

Protect your reputation and your pocket

You can easily miss out on important opportunities because of what someone tells the credit reporting agencies about you. You can also be made to pay a higher interest rate on your existing credit cards because someone reports that you were late on another credit card. In many aspects, the system is not fair to consumers. You must protect your reputation and enforce your rights. We can help.

Get started today by clicking Subscribe. If you are being harassed by creditors, debt collectors, or telemarketers, but there is nothing negative on your credit reports, and you simply want us to look at your case, click here.

Disclaimer: Actual results will vary and we cannot guarantee a particular result.